Roleplay Time

Date/Time: Current date/Time in Redding, Ca. Progressing in real-time.

Year: 2028

State of Society

Speckled settlements of makeshift housing, various groups and factions, Fractured US Military Batallions acting as Paramilitary Corps. Police forces would have either ditched for their own survival, or joined with the military remnants to help contribute to making safe areas. Most of these PMCs would most likely be authoritarian and quite oppressive in effort to keep the people inside safe from the infection. Raiders and bandits are still a prevalent problem, but most of them are relatively powerless in comparison to the Military forces. Smugglers are known for stealing and selling military grade equipment to some of these factions of raiders and bandits.

Most places in Europe and Asia would be in the post-collapse stage of the outbreak, but there are still some areas where governments are still attempting to contain the spread of the fungus. There were talks of Russia trying to launch nuclear missiles at largely infected areas, but after testing it on somewhere within the country, they went quiet. The last two countries left communicating in the UN are Australia and Ukraine. The last thing heard from Sweden was announcing that the government was giving up containment.

Current Standings

• Militarized zones are solar powered.

• It's uncommon for scavengers to have electricity at hand.

• There are generators, but resources to power them are scarce.

• It's rare to come across gas, so most likely you're going to be heating your house by fire.

• Food would be rationed out in militarized zones. If you're in the other districts, you'll have to gather your own supplies.

• Hazard Zone and No Man's Land requires a gas mask for complete safety from airborne infection. If not, you're risking (more likely than not) the chance of becoming infected.

• Medical supplies would be found in the militarized zone, otherwise they would be hard to come by.

• Rural areas would have vegetation growing. Forests would be overgrowing, due to no one maintaining them.

• With in the few months of the outbreak, people who weren't prepared had died off. Natural selection running it's course.

• The U.S. Government began falling apart after two years and had officially collapsed by five.

• Some of the few lucky prisoners escaped, while the unfortunate died in the prison.

• A lot of pets were abandoned in houses, leaving many of which to get infected.

• Most animals that are out in the wild are infected.

• Animals are scarce, so the ones that are not infected are kept on a farm in a militarized zone.

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